Our Mission

We aim to tackle with two major health concerns: the Obesity Epidemic and the Mental Health Crisis. In the United States, a significant portion of the population struggles with unhealthy weight gain, many nearing obesity—a condition that triggers a range of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, joint issues, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue, all of which severely impact the quality of life. Aayu Well’s approach to promoting healthy weight loss is designed not just to shed pounds but to rejuvenate overall vitality.

Recognizing that mental health is equally crucial to comprehensive well-being, we’re innovating to integrate physical and mental health improvements. Aayu Well is dedicated to developing innovative solutions aiming to significantly diminish the risk of long-term health issues, embodying our ethos: to enable You to Live and Age Well.

Darshan Patel, MD

Founder of Aayu Well

Dr. Patel’s journey into medicine began at the age of 17 in India before he immigrated to the US, where he completed his residency training in Queens and Manhattan, NYC. After relocating near San Francisco to begin his practice, he found fulfillment in addressing chronic illnesses and diagnostic challenges, but his true passion was providing preventative care and guiding patients toward sustaining healthier lifestyles—physically and mentally.

As the landscape of healthcare shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Patel found himself at the forefront of telehealth innovation as a physician leader on his practice’s IT committee. Recognizing the potential to reach even more people in need, he eventually joined Forward Health, a cutting-edge healthcare tech startup, practicing in Chicago and immersing himself in telehealth tools.

While his time at Forward Health was enriching, Dr. Patel’s desire to merge medicine with technology to help more patients lead healthier, sustainable lives led him to pursue further education at the Booth School of Business, where he began building Aayu Well. With his diverse background in patient care, technology, and business, Dr. Patel is an expert in developing practical health solutions for individuals seeking sustainable weight loss and improved mental health.

Join Dr. Patel in his mission: Let’s Aayu Well together.